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Our goal at Bonaparte Pharmacy is to provide exceptional pharmaceutical care with caring professionals utilizing modern technology for comprehensive services to help keep your family healthy.   We take great pride in keeping all of your protected health information confidential.  Please review our HIPPA NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES. 

News/Notes/In Store products:

Refills are easily transferrable.  Just stop in or call for details!  Also remember to un-enroll in any auto fill programs after transferring current medications to us.  For your convenience we have attached our Patient Profile Form.

We are pleased to announce refills can now be entered online! Just go to www.refillrx.com, create a username and password.  Refills come directly to our computer.  Any questions just give us a call.


AutoFill is available for customers who wish to have their refills filled automatically.  Please call us if this service interests you and your family.


No refills?  We will gladly contact your doctor for a new prescription.  Most requests are answered within 72 hours.


Other Services Include:

Easy Rx refill transfers from any pharmacy!

  • Free same day home delivery to Harrisville and the surrounding areas called in before 3pm
  • Influenza, Shingles, Pneumonia vaccines
  • All prescription drug coverage cards welcome (includes Medicare B, Medicaid, Comp)
  • Our technology makes it easy for your physician to send new Rx's, authorize refill requests, and obtain prior authorizations!
  • Full product line including prescription medication, OTC, DME, special order

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